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Ever thought about adding a Goldendoodle to your family but weren’t sure where to find one? There aren’t all that many Goldendoodle breeders and finding one that is available when you are ready for your new puppy can be challenging.

Our website is here to provide you with a way to find
a Goldendoodle breeder near you and let you get in
touch with them. Remember to do you research when
you are looking into a breeder and make sure you visit
their facility.

Some things to keep an eye out for are;

  • Does the Goldendoodle breeder do genetic
    testing and for diseases common to the breed?
  • Are the Goldendoodle puppies being raised in a
    clean and healthy environment?
  • Does the breeder do any early training and puppy stimulation?

The Goldendoodle breeder you are talking with should have a good deal of questions for you before they allow you to take home a puppy from their breeding program. They will also be up front and open about their breeding program.

The Appeal of the Goldendoodle

One of the main reasons Goldendoodles are so popular is that they are low to non-shedding, yet combine all the wonderful traits of the Golden Retriever and Poodle. They are also bred to be allergy friendly. Every individual will react differently to every type of dog though, so it’s best to meet with a Goldendoodle to see how you react before adding one to your family.

Aside from the non-shedding and allergy friendliness aspects, Goldendoodles are also very loyal dogs and can be very loving. They normally love water and are extremely intelligent. They make great family pets and love to be around kids.

Article Courtesy of Corinth Doodles.